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Take aim & shoot!

Are you ready for a magical adventure into a world like no other?!! The creators of popular titles such as Frozen Pop, Gummy Pop and Bubble Shooter Witch are proud to bring you the latest fruit popping adventure - Princess Pop!

All is peaceful in the land of Fruitopia, yet one day our princess - Triss is called by magic to the small village of fruitshire where a magical portal opens up and from it appears an innocent frooty who is scared for his life. The frooty has asked for your help in defeating the tyrannical and evil Prince Doofus and rescue more of his innocent frooty buddies.

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Friends & Foes

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  • Cute, cuter and the cutest monsterlings! Loved the pink and yellow monsterlings the most. When they fly down as I rescue them, it is a heroic feeling. It’s so easy to play and makes me feel so happy. I play it every day before going to sleep. Best Game till date!
  • This is definitely my goto game. I play this game everyday. The best part I like about this game is that it’s free to play. Levels are very easy and slowly become more and more interesting and challenging. The cute monsterlings look so cool and I love to see them dance. Wonderful game!
  • Amazing Game! You wouldn’t think of leaving your phone down. Try it and you won’t regret your decision. Ever since I discovered this game it has become my favorite so far. Thanks for all the fun, it’s an addiction!